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Commercial Concrete

Advanced Concrete Construction does commercial concrete work for small to moderate projects. Our professionals can either repair or replace damaged concrete structures. From sidewalks to commercial playground walkways, we've designed all types of commercial construction projects.

Residential Concrete

Advanced Concrete Construction does everything from driveway and patio installation to concrete resurfacing and repair. We can either replace or repair a damaged concrete structure, whichever is most cost effective. We will demolish and replace a crumbling driveway, resulting in a driveway anyone would be proud of.  We design and install many types of patios, from concrete, clay pavers and flagstone to stonework. We have designed and installed patios of all sizes.


Garage Floor Replacement

Advanced Concrete Construction specialize in concrete paving. We are at the ready to install new floors or perform garage floor repair. We will come to your home and assess your garage floor and recommend the best solution for you.  Whether you need a garage floor resurfacing or a complete garage floor replacement, we can accommodate your needs.

Drywall Installation

Advanced Concrete Construction specializes in a variety of drywall needs. From small to moderate projects, we have you covered! We are ready to come to your home or workplace residence to assess your project and give a full detailed estimate. Our professionals have expertise in every stage of the project— sheetrock, taping, spraying and sanding.

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Commercial Construction Cleaning

Advanced Concrete Construction offers a variety of commercial cleaning services. We understand that projects take a lot out of you—time, effort, expense. You should be able to enjoy your new project, not worry about the demands of cleanup! That’s why we can offer our commercial cleaning services to you. Our professionals know which areas to focus on in cleaning up post-construction debris and dust.

Snow Removal

Advanced Concrete Construction offers both Residential and Commercial snow removal. Our professionals can conquer South Dakota's wintery slush and storms. From small driveways to large parking lots, we are ready to tackle even the heaviest snow drifts.

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