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Concrete Contractor

Does your concrete driveway seem to be developing cracks? Is your concrete patio chipped or stained? Are you arranging your patio furniture to cover discolorations? Consider repairing or replacing that cracked driveway! It’s a permanent, long lasting option. And when you consider concrete repair or concrete resurfacing, consider Advanced Concrete Construction, LLC. We are cement contractors and provide all types of concrete work in Sioux Falls, SD and its surrounding areas.

There are several paths to take if your driveway is cracked or crumbling. We can perform repair services to the concrete, if the damage isn’t too extensive. If the driveway is beyond repair, we can demolish the old concrete and install an entirely new concrete driveway that will last for years and years. Perhaps the concrete is in good shape, but the surface is stained from oil or rust. Advanced Concrete Construction, LLC can resurface the driveway and have it looking brand new! Not only does resurfacing handle the way your driveway looks; it also is less costly than a complete driveway demo and installation.

We also take care of damaged sidewalks, cracked, stained or damaged garage floors and other concrete surfaces. We are a full service concrete contracting company. Our projects include driveways, as described above, as well as sidewalks and patios. We will work with you to design and install a beautiful new patio, or replace an older, damaged patio.

Advanced Concrete Construction, LLC is your premier concrete contractor in Sioux Falls, SD. We are professional, fully bonded, insured and licensed. So don’t hesitate; give us a call today and let’s get started on your next concrete project.

Remember – no matter how big or how small your project is, we will handle it as the most important job we have!

Concrete Contractor: Welcome
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